Residential Teleport System

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  1. I recently worked at two separate residences. At one I had Build, Use, and Container permissions and was able to use the /res tpsign command. At the other one I had Build and Use permissions and was unable to create a teleport using the /res tpsign command.

    What flag controls my ability to create a teleport on another person's Residence?
  2. As far as my experiences go, it only needs build and use. What kind of message did you recieve when you were told you could not do the /res tpsign?
  3. oh, ok you cant tpsign to another persons res coords, you can only tpsign to another res home spawn
  4. I believe you need the /teleport or /tp flag as well as build and use flags to set a /tpsign
  5. I just went back and was able to do it. I don't think I misspelled the command when it wouldn't work before. If it happens again I'll get screenshots.

    I was working on someone's residence and wanted to make a teleporter from the surface to a storage room for them.
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  6. Hope u can get it sorted!
  7. After thinking about this, I suspect that I probably entered /res tpset rather than /res tpsign. Let's pretend I never said anything about it.