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  1. I want to reset my residence.. in-game they told me to contact Justinguy (dont remember) but i have no idea what to do here:D So i am posting it! Heya Justin (Admin) i hope you see this, can you reset my residence? :> <33
  2. Click on Inbox in the very top right of the page. In the drop down box, click on "Start a New Conversation". Enter "JustinGuy" in the Participants field (it will automatically suggest users as you type) and then obviously a message.

  3. Ahh, thanks!:p
  4. when you reset your res it will remove any chest and whatever you have in them

    just so you know this and don't complain about missing items later
  5. Wait, i've changed my mind
    but i got some overgrowned trees that i need help with
  6. Send JustinGuy or I a message next time we're on when you are and we'll take care of the tree problem.