Residence suggestions

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  1. alright so i recently had a party on my first residence on smp5 where everyone could take from the build what they wanted and it went well.....looked like a floating ruin of sorts afterwords. now today i held a small event where everyone can take from the chests what they wanted which i dont think had alot of goodies in them which will lead to a much better event later on but that is a different story. now im looking to all the emc players to suggest what they would like to see built on my plot now that it is cleared. it has the possibility of covering 2 res's but only one is claimed so keep that in mind. now for your suggestions for what you would like to see built next! for those that dont know what was previously built on my res it was a castle of sorts so no castle suggestions please XD you can post pics of something as well as a suggestion other than a picture of another build already built so pretty much pictures of renders etc.
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  2. very interesting....could make my own twist on that def something different