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  1. :cool:Hi everyone just letting you know im having 5 episodes on youtube for a residence show off I will be recording the contest in two days I will show off 16 residencies and on episode 5 I will announce the winner who will Win 1000r . Plz comment if you would like to participate I will post the 4 contestants for each episode after the episode is over. Good luck and see you out there!!:)
  2. Sup. I wouldn't mind entering... My first res is a mess.. lol
    One res is 12677
    The other is 12663
  3. Ok so which res would you like me to show
  4. In my first episode I will be showing Golddigger221 12Info C4son and flamingarrow22
  5. Ill enter it!
    Res #: 5214 on utopia
    Make sure you get inside the house!
  6. For episode 2 check out my 2nd res /v golddigger221 2
    It's on smp6 -()-
  7. my first res please: 12677... on smp6
  8. Ok np you will be in EP.2
  9. Im not sure I can get on utopia but I will try
  10. Yes I can get on utopia but golddiger your in Ep1.
  11. Meh? Why not?

    Res #: 16055
    SMP: 8

    Res: 16019
    SMP: 8
  12. There are now 7 spots left lets get them filled!!
  13. Am I in an episode?
  14. whats the youtube channel?
  15. It is froggamingminecraft sorry about that
  16. Yes arkwarrior
  17. ok i will can i do all 4 of my res's?
  18. Not the best but,
    Res# 5141 on Utopia.
  19. It is not an original build but looks nice. The outside is complete and the inside is complete up to level 6.
    SMP9 : 18434
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  20. Server: Smp2
    Res 4029