Residence Plugin Version

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  1. I just found the list of all commands for residences at, protecting and modifying a seclection
    and saw the trample, enchant, table, brew and other flags and was like :eek: and thought how awesome these would be but when I tried to set some of these flags I got the error message saying "Invalid Flag..." I then found that the version of this plugin that we're running on is 2.3.8 by typing /res version in game. Next I went to the change log and found that the latest version of this plugin is 2.6.4 and that the awesome new plugins were part of later versions. So my question is when will we update?
  2. I imagine Justin would have to adapt all his custom code to the new version first, which could take some time, I honestly don't know.

    But a trample flag would be so indescribably awesome.
  3. Well, Justin codes the original plugin too, so it wouldn't be too difficult.
  4. I know already that Other people can trample your crops, but a few seconds later it will go back.
  5. If they have build they can trample them for good. The people who trample and it goes back is just like placing blocks that dissapear on a res.
  6. I had an inkling this was added a while back, but I obviously forgot. Does this apply to tilled dirt as well?

    My crops really only seem to get trampled by animals anyway.
  7. Yeah. I would take it off in general and for myself. One of the few times I take a flag away from myself.
  8. I just tested it and the build flag does not prevent dirt turning back to normal.
  9. Yeah trample is one of the flags that is part of other flags like build and destroy.
  10. Yes I know.