Residence Name and Owner Clarification needed.

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  1. No Aikar, I didn't break it again... :p I just need some clarification, since I saw this a few days ago.
    When going to "TehSpiders"'s res, I did /res info to find that the residence was different from the actual name of the owner, LilSpiders. Is it possible to have this done for everyone, or no? I want my mall owned by my alt to be like the default res people go to. ;3 Any clarification on this would be helpful. :)
  2. Is it just the res message? Or did you do /v TehSpiders?
  3. /v Tehspiders takes you to the Residence NAMED TehSpiders.
    If you do /res info, you see it's OWNED by LilSpiders.
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  4. They were one of the original players here so it could have been a favor done just once for them. Seems like someone has asked for this before.

    I think a lot of players would like a feature like this where you could have an alias for your residence. Both Supporters like you where you would like brickstrike to go to brickstrike-3 as well as someone with a name like xx-qwerty-xx9_87123 who might want to shorten it to xxqwerty. I think we would have a lot of people piling onto variations of shop names but it seems like it would be easy enough to check for duplicates then remove the ownership of the name once a person is no longer using it.
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