Residence Monitoring Service

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How much would this service be worth to you? (Select the maximum you would pay.)

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  1. Would anyone have interest in a service that let you know who was on your residence and what they were doing?

    It would track data from the live map and you could check the logs to figure out who was on your res, where they went, etc... anytime you wanted.

    You could know who griefed in case you have multiple people with permissions (assuming they didn't /map hide). You would also know if you have a shop how many people came on your res and left without buying anything, where they went, etc...

    As it would take a while to develop the interface, I was planning to have it be a paid service where you would pay monthly to get the monitoring.
  2. Most people stay hidden when on livemap so this wouldn't be of much use. I don't think that it could be used as evidence to say someone griefed you as shavingfoams EMC investigator isn't valid proof unless the staff can find other sources, so I'd assume the same for this.
  3. Do you work for the NSA
  4. Do they? I've seen the opposite. You may hide yourself often, but I usually am not hidden. EMC is a social experience and I like the fact I can be found by other players. If I'm visiting someone's shop I have no objection to them knowing that I visited. Also, most players are lazy and leave the option as the default and don't think twice about it. If you check the live map, information on a lot of players can be found live, so clearly there is value here.

    No. I tend to remain impartial on that issue. I feel that the issue of privacy is not big enough to warrant a serious amount of my own activism, and my own information is reasonably obscured within the shear volume of people who such a governmental organization would have to monitor, and the typical incompetence of a government organization. Besides, if you are really intent on remaining anonymous, tools such as Tor are readily available and easy to use, and believe it or not, you do not have to use your real name on Facebook.