Residence Mod Bugs

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by awtharok, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. I found some bugs in this mod:


    2) When I type /res set firespread false also grass isn't spreading.

    3) /res tpset always resets..
  2. Please forgive me for editing your post from publicizing a way to bypass permission protocols, I had to verify something before i replied to this one :)

    1) You used to be able to place [access] signs over chest with just build perms, but you actually need build AND container now to be able to place signs, so this bug has been remedied already :)

    2) The firespread flag actually controls all 'spreading' within the minecraft game, which includes fire, grass, mycelium, vines?, mushrooms, etc. Unfortunately because these are all controlled by the same flag, they are almost impossible for Justin to separate. Maybe in the future there will be though if minecraft changes it's coding to separate these.

    3) When you say the /res tpset always resets, do you mean it allows you to set the location, but it changes your orientation to face a different direction to the one you set? This is a known bug/glitch, but unfortunately it has eluded being found so far. I am sure Justin will locate it eventually and remedy it, but as it is only an annoyance so far and isn't damaging or impairing in any way, it isn't on the top of his list i imagine.