Residence improvements and bug fixes

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Today I finished a bunch of work with the custom Empire residence plugin. Most of it was bug fixes, along with some performance enhancements and a couple new commands. Here is what changed:

    • Fence gates are now protected like doors (you have to have the "use" permission flag to open and close them)
    • Redstone repeaters can only be adjusted if you have the "use" permission flag in that residence.
    • Players can no longer trample crops, unless they have the "build" permission flag. But be careful you still can trample your own and so can animals!
    • You can no longer use bone meal on other players residences unless you have the "build" permission flag.
    • New command /visit random - takes you to a random players residence
    • New command /visit open - takes you to a random unclaimed residence (great for new players)
  2. You listed bone meal twice =D
  3. Thanks ;)
  4. I think the first one referred to "Town" areas and the second one was for people's res's.
  5. Or maybe not? lol
  6. They were the same thing, they both said the same thing one just said a bug was fixed to not allow it to be used without the build commend the other said you can no longer use it without the build command.
  7. Yeah it is actually both, you could use bone meal before in Town anywhere, as well as in anyone's res. I am honestly very surprised a griefer never figure that out and grew grass in all the street areas.
  8. Not really something you would ever think of doing though, really.
  9. because that would have made the streets look even cooler :D
  10. hmm, although... maybe the fence gate was better as an every one can use thing.
    that way you can have doors that everyone can use instead of giving them complete use access on everything in your res

    ... just a thought
  11. I guess so, but that is what pressure plates are for :) Many people wrote me asking to include fence gates as protected. Perhaps in the future I can add a way to "unprotect" a certain gate or door or button.
  12. This is a great line up of fixes and additions Justin!

    Nice work!! :)
  13. i'm finding pressure plates can be used by anyone you could put that in front of a door you want to let anyone in

    agreed thanks for the hard work justin
  14. this!
  15. Awesome improvements! I personally like that random visit command. It could really take you to a lot full of win! :D
  16. That's some DESPERATE griefing. :p
  17. Personally, THAT would make me very happy! Especially if one was able to give the use/container permission only for specific doors/chests!
  18. Yeah I love this feature, I have found some sweet residences with it that I would have missed.
  19. kind of like a reversed version of Lockette?
  20. Very nice fixes Justin! Keep up the good work! :D