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  1. hey i am stuck i want to have a residence on the main server with my friends but i got a residency on the second server while there weren't available res open on the main server but now there some open i can't get the residence on the main server because i have a residence on the smp2 server and i want to get rid of my res on the smp2 to get the one on main
  2. I don't believe it's currently possible to unclaim a residence. But I think this is something we might see in the future.

    Justin could shed more light on this than I can.
  3. You can send a message to Jeremy to have your residence reclaimed by clicking here.

    I believe Justin is working on a system to allow players to reset and reclaim their own residences so they don't have to wait for an admin.
  4. Correct, you need to message jeremy to do it. In a few weeks I hope to have the updates out so you can do your own :)
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  5. That'll be very usefull! perphaps something along the lines of "/res unclaim" or "/res reclaim"