Residence help please...

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  1. I am very confused right now...

    2013-07-28_17.08.21.png 2013-07-28_17.09.17.png
  2. what is there to be confused about?
  3. I have no clue what and how this happened, but, what it is doing is taking me to the wrong res /home 2 on my account BrickEatsMuffins, and brickstrike. It's... Weird... I go to my alt's res on my main account from /home 2, where I go to my main accounts second res by /home 2 on brickeatsmuffins... Can someone plz help ;3
  4. Erm, what are we looking at here? :confused:
  5. I believe the fact that it's BrickEatsMuffin's 2nd res but Brickstrike is the owner of it.
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  6. If you look closely, I own my alt's /home 2 res... Strange...
    The Residence Lines are goofed up :/
  7. Sorry, my brain imploded there
  8. I see now... very odd how this happened. Gathering all of the details so I can do a proper bug report for Aikar
  9. I broke the system man.
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  10. Congratulations, sir, you broke EMC. :(
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  11. On accident :D
    I didn't even try this time :p
  12. i also had a similar problem like this on my fourth res the other day, it said i didnt have any perms even tho it was set to default, had to give myself every perm
  13. Still not sure how you did this. BUT it can be fixed. did your alt at any time interact with the 1051 residence (which you forceclaimed?)
  14. Uh, no. My alt was logged off at that time, before I got diamond on it. Then afterwards, I think I had to do /claim brickstrike-2 to claim that res (the res I unclaimed on my main account), but, I have ownership to that old res (on my newly diamond alt), but, I get tped to my main account's 2 res... This is all confusing to me >_<
    EDIT:... I think it was from claiming the res I just unclaimed...
  15. I took away move from my res once :p
    Took me a while to get back...
  16. I broke one of my reses even moar by fixing the other >_<
    Now I can't even use /home 2 on my alt because my res is on smp 1, while I am on smp 1....
  17. Well dang...
    This happened with jennifer101010 on smp2 :p
    She hasn't been on for over 400 days and jutin couldn't get her red. Claimed because technically it wasnt there but it was there :p
    It's fixed now.
  18. I feel like I will just keep breaking it more if I try to fix it :confused: