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  1. I have created this thread to see all the Ligit creations that you have made on your empire minecraft residence or in the wild. I know there is a whole section on minecraft creations but, these
    are mostly in single player so you can not tell if they are legit or not. If you send in your pictures from your residence then people know that they are legit unless the creation is made by an admin of course.

    So send in your creations through this thread. Thank you
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  2. This... Seems...Seems...Familiar....
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  3. Like what is it familiar to
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  4. This thread....
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  5. Which thread is it familiar to
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  6. Residence Creations

    (has EXACTLY same title...)
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  7. Oh ok I didn't know that
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  8. go to smp6 12943 (my res) i have an awesome shop (closed atm), a jungle biome, a 1.3 sandstone village, a pagoda, a helicopter, and a rubix cube!!!
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  9. Nice ill check it out
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  10. Wow mistromouse that's an awesome res
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  11. I took a tour around your res. Especially loved the jungle and the rubix cube. Well worth the visit. Two thumbs up :D
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  12. Owner: Theredabsol
    Res 8509 on SMP4
    Absol pixel art I assisted with along with an epic treehouse
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  13. Some Screenshots

    Attached Files:

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  14. :D thx guys, took me a while to build it all, and alot of rupees and items
  15. CreppaNinga235
    Spawn, then walk north
    Still in progress....
  16. Darn it, while all you guys were at Mistro's, none of you saw my lollipop a few res's away?
    13069 is the place to be. Candy Land, just BYO mine cart if you wanna have a roller coaster ride.
  17. Nice candyland pretty awesome but in sorry not as good as mistromouses soz
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  18. lol
  19. Smp 3
    My Soon to be shop Still stocking.
  20. R A A A A G E E E ! >.<