Residence contest

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  1. hello minecrafters today me and sweetiepie78 have decided to make a residence building contest there is no voting just a decision from us have a good res and you may win 1st place gets 2,000 rupees 2nd place gets 1,000 rupees and 3rd place gets 500 rupees to enter put a comment on this thread saying i would like to join and your residence address and contest ends on march 30th if I'm away on that day it will be April 10th:) THIS IS DAILYED
  2. mod or admin pls let me know if i can do this i tried to ask but u guys didnt answer so let me know if its not ok so i can delete this
  3. Perhaps you are not aware of the residence contest that is taking place as I type this? Check the main page to see the amazing video of the entries...
  4. Also, the correct way to organize a contest it's contacting amadai, but this in some way doesn't seem pretty organized...
    Anyways, the EMC Spotlight Pilot was not organized as a contest, but yes a way to attract more people to be on a video made by tonicthunder.
    The prizes camed after people applied (they didn't even know there was going to be prizes of any kind when they applied, as far as i know).
  5. ill do it im at 11456 dont judge me yet though because im not done building
  6. If it does work out, check out 10615 on smp5.
  7. Ok everyone listen I won't be on till 7 or8 o'clock I'm texting this by iPhone so yeah
  8. to late to enter?