Residence Contest!

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  1. I have been gone for some time, and I have missed some things, so I would like to see what the community has been up to while I have been gone. I am having a contest to see who has the best residence, just fill out the form below and submit your entry. The prize will be given out this Saturday.

    Res Number:
    2 picture minimum here

    Prizes (I am currently banned [read my signature] so I cannot give any rupee prizes but feel free to contribute)
    1st place: One (1) Halo Reach Full game download code (Xbox 360) (the code has not yet been used)

    If you would contribute a prize, pm me.
    Good Luck!
  2. You can't offer non emc-related items as prizes I'm sorry, especially coupon-type prizes as there may be legal ramifications regarding the transferring of these items. You can always offer in-game objects and rupee's though. :)
  3. P/ joshmcf doesn't say anything about you being banned. :confused:
    But about that coupon...:D
  4. No, no it wouldn't, specifically seeing as it's /p :p
  5. Let's not be picky.

    I would very much like to enter! As Shaun said you cannot offer non-EMC related items! So when this is fixed I will enter!
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  6. Sorry, couldn't help it, my passive OCD wouldn't let me lol :)
  7. Idk if he is banned i cant trust this guy soory :(
  8. Hes a trustworthy guy. He purposely got himself banned (by SYSTEM) so that he couldnt be tempted with EMC anymore. I havent /p his name though, so im not sure if he is still banned or not. Basically, he was leaving, and decided that spamming local chat would be the best way to make sure he didnt come back.
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  9. Ok than im in
    IGN - mini40000
    Description - Very Natural Residence
    Pictures - I dont have any :[
  10. IGN: TrueJob
    Description: Very awesome shop building, many materials used in this!

    I don't need the coupon, someone else can have it, I don't got an xbox....
    I am always in for rupees though. :D

  11. Ok 1 shop but it still counts as a residence o than im dead :D
  12. So thanks to Maxiaras I have been unbanned :) so rupees will replace the coupon, I have to check and see if my account has been fully reset, afterwards I will decide the amount.
  13. To show members that you can start with nothing an still survive I will give the rest of my rupees out (I gave away most of my rupees when I left) so first place is 3000r and second place is 1405r.
  14. Ok so haave u saw my residence its pretty natural :D