[Residence Building Help!] Please read below!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by MrWhosMagic, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, on my alts my first residences have nothing on it, so I really need some help on what to build, I will take on big projects also if I like them, so guys please helpppp!!
  2. I could help build. Is it on smp1?
  3. I can build it for you - I'm not that creative though, so I don't know what to build. :p
  4. If you need help just ask :)
  5. I mean, what should I build XD Guys, not help building, just what to build XD
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  6. A sneak preview of the canyons biome.
  7. Create a huge rpg adventure using complex redstone systems.
  8. Hmmmm..... I'm thinking, you should build theme park (One woodie coaster, games, small rides, and win prizes)....
  9. I kinda dont wanna build a them park XD I really wanna build some kind of Potion Lab, thats a potion shop, but how I build it I dont know XD
  10. Giant memorial to me.
  11. theme park is easy to do ,but i just need to do it on :p
  12. Hahahahah XD
  13. Or maybe a replica of Gary Buseys face or make a replica of the kremlin
  14. A big statue of me:cool:
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  15. A mega mall!!
  16. ive got a great idea! A nice apartment loft thing, check 14362 for the sttart! That took a LOT of effort just for that!