Residence and other creations on smp3.

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  1. So I like to build, purely for the sake of building. I'm fascinated by architecture of all sorts and admittedly, that's about the only reason I play Minecraft.

    I've had this completed for a few weeks now (was finished on my second day on Empire). While not a replica, I've done it in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater as a homage of sorts. This is currently my "house" in MC.

    In the lot across from it, I'm currently working on a 6 floor office building, that will cover a 60x40 spot, leaving the remaining 20x60 for landscaping and an entrance courtyard of sorts. It doesn't look like much at the moment, but I hope to have the basic structure of the facing wall completed by sometime today. The biggest time consuming portion of it at the moment is harvesting all the quartz blocks I need. D'oh!

    To get an idea of what I wanted to do, I constructed the facing wall in Single Player and came up with this.

    Anyhow, if you feel compelled to come take a gander, feel free to swing by either lot at 6401 or 6487 on smp3.

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  2. Making some progress on the office building today. Sadly the most tedious part of it isn't the construction, but instead the time it takes for me to harvest quartz.

    Ah well, all good things take time I suppose.

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  3. I feel like this is a relationship that got weird, and as a result of not knowing how to carry on, I just sort of disappeared and yet a year later, here I am....

    So to make a long story short, I sort of vanished for a bit. Life and such has an interesting way of taking over, and until recently I haven't had much spare time. As a result, my property went derelict and *poof*

    But of 2 weeks ago I'm back, which means I'm also back to building.

    I was lucky enough to score my old lot back, as well as one right beside it so without any further babbling, here's the new res in all of it's glory!

    Kind of a build-as-you-go structure, though it finished up being relatively contemporary in style. In any case, I'm satisfied with the outcome. Total of 5 levels, 2 of which are below the ground. Helps keep all the goodies in order.

    For the past week I've been gradually harvesting materials in the good ol' wastelands for this gem I'm in the process of building.

    It has no particular inspiration beyond my wanting to build a multi-story, mini-skyscraper of sorts. The lower 3 floors will consist of a tiered mall, and the rest.... well who knows?

    The current exterior structure is roughly 3/5 the final height of the overall structure once it reaches completion. Hopefully it actually reaches completion unlike the previous structure, d'oh!

    Also, disregard the Jungle trees. Jungle slabs for floors don't make themselves.

  4. Nice builds, also nice to see another smp3er on the forums
  5. Thanks! Yea, funny that. You'd think the default server would have the largest population of regulars but it seems to be quite the contrary.
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  6. The default server actually changes ever few hours I believe, thus spreading all new players throughout all the different SMP's :) I how2 am also a fairly old smp3 player haha
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  7. Ah, learn something new every day. In any case, it seems as though SMP3 consistently has the lowest population. Me thinks I should buy some billboard space here in San Jose.
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  8. Welcome back :) Love the modern style.
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  9. Thats probably because 0 events go on in smp3, and its not really known for too much. I haven't spent too much time there, but I wouldn't mind exploring it more :)
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  10. Thanks and thanks! Definitely one of my favorite servers to play on and I'm thoroughly glad to be back. The contemporary/modern thing is something that seems to flow well with the tools and dynamic of working with blocks haha

    Yea, it seems SMP3 is lacking in mod support (that is to say, a coverage of mods who call SMP3 home) which likely leads the lack of events and consequently, the lack of people.
  11. smp3. Awesome. Nice builds! :D
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  12. All this SMP3 love makes me feel like hosting a drop party exclusive to residents of SMP3. We're like an annoying HOA who guilts you into paying a fee every month without knowing where it's going.

    Somehow this makes sense to me as a method to get more people on SMP3 lol
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  13. I wrapped up the exterior of the tower this evening, and am currently working on getting the Item Shop/Mall operational on the bottom levels. Feel free to drop in, if only to take a gander.

    I suspect the upper levels/condos will be completed and built out by the end of the next week or two.

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  14. Looking nice man!
  15. Great looking building. I also am a smp3'er. I kind of like the quiet of our nice smp. ;)
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  16. Thanks gents.

    I'm not particularly partial to it being busy or slow, but I would prefer a larger population of folks that don't dribble on their respective bibs when eating porridge haha
  17. ur builds look amazing! :eek:

    im defo gonna look around ur res soon! ^.^
  18. Much appreciated!

    On that note, I'll be in contact with you soon regarding discounted items for GRIP!
  19. Figured I'd dump a few daytime shots of the tower in it's current state on here.

    Still have a tiny bit of buttoning up to do on the exterior, but it's 99% complete.