Residence + all my stuff Disappeared

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  1. When i came back from vacation today and i logged on on empireminecraft my residence and all of my stuff were gone, how is this possible?

    can i get it back somehow?

  2. After 10 days of absence, residences are reset :(
    How much did you lose?
  3. Like everything, huge house, more than 2 stacks diamonds allot of other stuff
  4. Ouch :S how long did it take you to accumulate all of that?
  5. Sorry if your residence got reclaimed. We make the derelict policy very clear in the guide and it also tells you about it in-game when you claim your lot. In the future if you are going to be gone longer please see:
  6. It didnt get reclaimed but i lost everything, i dont think ill be coming back now lost everything i worked for so hard
  7. wow.. what about rupees did you lost any?
  8. No still have my rupees but i spent like 12 hours building the house and even more getting all my materials
  9. Investing a lot of time in a building only to have it disappear must really suck. Still, EM is a great community -- I'm sure there are some people who'd help you gather resources or donate materials. Don't give up!
  10. I agree it does suck, trust me I am no more a fan of the derelict policy than everyone else. It is just a necessity with our unique system, as we get thousands of players who claim a lot and never come back.
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  11. Without the Derelict policy, then there would be bunches of empty residences by people who never log on.
  12. Yup and no free residences for people that want to play :)
  13. I still think the Derelict policy should be a bit more flexive, maybe by logging at the forums count as a login also, many players can't login for a long period because of many troubles like internet failures, school tests/works, trips and others...
    I'm trying to login everyday but it's hard with this hotel internet :(
  14. Maybe something like sending a pm to admin/mod to extend it to 20days or more (in case mod/admin accepts the request)
  15. But there is no way to get my stuff back?
  16. No unfortunatelly there is not. I could help you with some stuff (if i can login) but 'rolling back' your house is not an option :(
    Please try (this goes to every new guy that reads this) to read the empire guide, rules and more before joining the emipre. (as justin sayed up there^)
  17. Lol, i knew the rules, i was playing on this server for about 4 months already, but it just sucks that everything disappears if you are unable to login, i was on vacation en had to stay there 2 days longer as expected so couldnt help it :(
  18. :/ that is sad, that's a common case tho, maybe admins could change the policy a bit for us :) but actually getting your house back is not an option...
    Anyways, that maybe could be a nice thing (looking it from a positive view) you could make a bigger, better house :) remember minecraft is something like LEGO, if your creation breaks don't stand watching at it and being sorry for yourself, just go ahead and make it better :)
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  19. I'm sorry to hear you lost everything, but if you do decide to stay I'd suggest getting a paid subscription. Supporters aren't affected by the derelict policy. Even the lowest tier ($5 a month for iron) offers this benefit and you'll never have to worry about it again ;)
  20. Yea i was an iron supporter, but it ended just before i left and wanted to subscribe again when i was back but that is not gonna happen now i think...

    Building a bigger house isnt really an option, my complete residence was already built full with my 3 story house + garden and farms etc.
    And it will take me ages to get all the materials again :(