Residence 2 next to each other aviable to claim

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  1. does any one know of 2 Residence next to each other because me and Swagknight45 want one next to
    each other
  2. yeah I know but most that are blank are still taking
  3. It's manual, but easy if you've got time. Just run around pkits, and do /res info. If it says the plot is derelict, you can try to find an adjacent one that's derelict. Or just find a free res with a derelict adjacent res, that way you're only paying one payment of 5000r for the two reses, instead of 10000r.

    Finding derelict reses are really easy btw
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  4. When you are looking at the live map, the reses that are open are a kind of brownish colour. If you click on any res, it will tell you the res number and status to make looking faster. For example a quick look at smp4 shows that reses 8941 and 8821 are next to each other and currently available. Also 8808 and 8807. :)
  5. Thank you so much 5weey I found one with 4 next to each other now all my friends are next to me
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