resetting your res whiteout loosing al your stuf

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  1. is there a way of reseting your res whitout having to loos all your stuf.
    last time i wanted to reset i had a good neigbor who i could trust so he setted up some chests for me.
    but sins i haven't played for a while i don't know anybody anymore and my neighbor stop't i dont know how to do it now.
  2. /purchase vault
  3. yea i know that but i need like 10 large chests for my stuf
  4. Get gold supporter > claim another res > pass your stuff thee
    Get a friend to host it
    Get another MC account
    Sell all your stuff and keep only important at the vault
    Then buy the stuff back (sell and buy from d1223m almost free shop)
    Do not reset it.
  5. Oh. So many. Try ask a mod. They are nice and helpful :)
  6. If everyone that needs help with that, asked a mod to help, then we would need 3:1 players/mod
  7. What server you play?
  8. is there some way to get your building back if you reseted by mistake?
  9. If you live on smp4 I can set up chests on my res for you to store stuff on or any server for that matter. But I'll only let you have the first week of storage free after that I'll charge 5r a day because I want my res clean again. :)
    Hope this helps! =D
  10. i need no more help whit that
  11. I am quite happy to host a few chests for resetting players, depending on what server their lot is on they may have to pay for their vault access to transfer to a server with a lot of mine on it.
    I'll only do this for 5 or 6 players at a time though, otherwise it is too many to keep track of. :)
  12. distroy all your chests so thr items are floating about , then reset it put down several chests and go around re colleecting your items of the floor thats what i did, just make sure u set everybody move false.
  13. Alright no need to start bickering and throwing around accusations. Let's just keep the thread on topic.