Resetting Residences

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  1. There are a few Residences that I have been waiting to get reset but they haven't. The owners haven't been on for over 100 days. I was just wondering why you haven't been resetting Residences lately.
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  2. The system resets them when there is a shortage. If you want one reset, PM Maxarias, shaunwhite1982, and IcecreamCow and they will do it as soon as they can:)
  3. Ok Thanks!
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  4. It would take alot of Server Usage to do what you are asking. If you need the res just do what jkjkjk told you.
  5. Dark_Liz.....
  7. Oh, my friend wanted the res next to mine, and i recently found out the owner had been gone for more than 100 days. I PMed a mod and am pending for that res (and a few others) to be reset. This system works fine but I think that the servers should have a bit of downtime just for some "Fall Cleaning" and delete all the residences with owners gone for 15 days or more.
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  8. Dang right, uh, who?
  9. Dark was a Senior Mod...
  10. Oh?
    Expecting something else lol :p
  11. Dark was the troll that lived under Justin's pyramid. My precious...
  12. When you say PM, do you mean start a conversation with them?
  13. Yes:)
  14. The residences dont get reset automatically, and the mods will only reset them when its needed.
  15. Be aware that some residences are exempt from the derelict reset. Most notable are those of supporters, they can be away 300 days but as long as they still support the res will stay. We also exempt res of players who are serving in the armed forces. These players may spend months away in remote locations. I also know there is at least one player who has been hospitalised with a serious condition who may never be well enough to ever play again but his res is being kept safe so that they can hopefully recover and return.
  16. Do you know specifically who these people are?
  17. Or the creator of the giant nether fortress on SMP-1....