Resetting a res

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  1. Hi i resetted my res cause 1: i wanted different neighbors; ugly houses.
    and 2: I sorta had a mishap with my fireplace and the whole thing burned to the ground before i noticed. so i unclaimed my res. and now it wont let me claim a new one in the same server (smp2) saying i already have my maximum number of residinces. thing is, my only other res is in utopia. and that should mean i still have one left. should i wait a little longer? or whats going on?
  2. Sorry double posted :{
  3. Unfortunately at the moment your utopia lot counts as a residence, and it won't let you claim another. Private message justin and he should be able to increase your res count and allow you to claim another.
  4. OK thanks :)
  5. I will fix this now, one sec.

    Edit: Fixed
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