Reseting the whole wilderness..

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Jan 29, 2012.


Restart wilderness?

Yes! 6 vote(s) 54.5%
Nope... 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. In the 1.2 update there is gonna come some new things (of course) and one of them is the jungle biome.
    But you have to generate a new world to get the jungle biome on your world so i thought we could reset the wholde wilderness :)
    1. The wilderness is griefed, if we reset it it will become more beautiful
    2. If we restart the wilderness we will get a jungle biome or many jungle biomes:)
  2. But that's the thing. I'm afraid if we get jungle biomes, people will just rush there. Grief the whole thing. And Leave it a horrible mess. Just my opinion :p
  3. I don't think they would...
    Not the whole thing
    If they destroy a little piece of it we can plant some jungle saplings there:)
  4. liasen, your previous thread about the 1.2 thread is nearly identical to this. Maybe you should have kept this discussion in that thread.
  5. sry
    I put up a new thread to make a poll