Reseting My Res. Selling Build Rights

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ClickZzHD, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. In a couple of days I will be reseting my res. There is still Lots of...

    Pine Logs
    Stone Brick
    and of course DIRT ^_^

    Anyone who gives me 500r will get build rights and will be able of take as much as they like from my res. Any offers for me to just give rights to THEM will be accepted if they offer a considerable amount of rupees. Come to SMP8 - /v ClickZzHD to see just how much is left.

    Thank You - ClickZz
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  2. I would but im saving my rupees up for my upcoming project. ;)
  3. And whats that project?
  4. First im starting my kitty farm on smp7 ( 14664 ) and once that is comeplete i will be building something. Not gonna tell, secret....
  5. Ohh hoo, 'secret'