Reseted Wasteland Biomes

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  1. Mega Taiga: SMP1 (South), SMP9 (South)
    Mesa: SMP4 (North), SMP5 (Center), (North), SMP7 (North), SMP9 (Center)
    ONLY Packed Ice Biome!! Utopia (NorthWest, -2500, -1830)
    Jungles: SMP2 (SouthEast), SMP4 (Southeast), SMP5 (NorthWest), SMP6 (SouthWest)
    Roofed Forest: SMP2 (SouthWest), SMP3 (West), SMP9 (East)
    Desert: SMP1 (West), SMP4 (NorthWest), SMP8 (North) SMP9 (North)

    Just remember that these are the coolest and most useful biomes on Minecraft :)
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  2. Hmm
    Will the deserts span my mini bosses :)
  3. No Wasteland Mesa on Utopia. Which means no always daylight mining of hard clay. Too bad, it made for a nice supporter perk.
  4. It is, now. :D
  5. Thank you for this useful summary of wasteland info!