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  1. Is there any way i can reset my "account" and start all over? I want to start all over with the starting rupees and a new plot.
  2. You can just give me everything that you have and you're back at start! :D I'm kidding.
    You can unclaim your residence (check out empire guide for that) and then claim another one.
    If you want to really get rid of rupees, then I don't know, maybe give them to friend if you have any on here or donate to someone. You can do same with other stuff or just make pool of lava and burn everything :p
  3. No, there isn't. You can unclaim your old res by doing /res unclaim though and all you get at the start is a set of wooden tools, some saplings and some food, together worth less than 100r. If you are trying to do this because you blew your rupees then don't, 1.5k really isn't hard to earn.
  4. serial said it all! maybe for added effect also go back to the tutorial by /tutorial after all of that.
  5. And have your friend pay you after you complete
  6. Okay. Thank you for the quick answer! :)
  7. maybe to be even more realistic with a reset, maybe even move to a different server!