Reset with update?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Foy420, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Will there be another Wilderness/Nether/End reset coming with the new update?
  2. At this time it doesn't look like we HAVE to based on tech stuff. We'll likely see how the community wants to vote on it when it comes to that point.
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  3. Please make everyone spawn at spawn after reset, otherwise people will spawn in blocks or the occean!!
  4. Regardless, its best not to get too attached to anything in the wilderness or nether just in case.

    It just pushes you to the top, as long as the top isn't lava (I think).
  5. sooo ICC deleted my post so I'll say again:

    boooo vote no for reset :p

    I am a member of the Last Light Outpost wild community on SMP7 and would hate to see everyone's hard work disappear.
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  6. He was starting to delete to get rid of the thread bump, but I moved the posts to their own thread in the midst of it lol.
  7. lol oh ok. I thought there was a conspiracy going on...:eek: