Reset Strategy!

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  1. Now that it seems a reset is inevitable, I've begun thinking about how to manage my wild resources. My dwelling is modest, but I figured my thoughts might be able to benefit someone. Likewise, perhaps some of you out there will think of things I haven't. :)

    • Prep
    You might want to start taking down your structures and collecting your resources before warning week starts.
    • What is worth taking?
    At what point does shuffling items become too costly, too time-consuming, too tedious? Remember it will cost you tools to deconstruct. Maybe it's just not worth the hassle at all, and just start fresh!
    • Where to put your stuff?
    If you can fit it in your inventory and vault, you're done. Just be sure you can access your vault after the reset.
    There's always your town plot, and since vault is cross-server, you can access it no matter what. Again, just be sure you can access your vault after reset.
    • Item compacting/combos
    You're going to want to be carrying full stacks unless you're planning on picking some up on your travels. Also, craft any items you can - instead of a stack of sticks and stack of redstone, redstone torches.
    • Take full advantage of vault!
    It might be quicker to stuff your vault in the wild, suicide, empty vault at plot, back to wild, repeat.
    Also, when you're done transferring, you can use it for safe, additional inventory space.
    • Checklist
    Everything moved?
    All locks refunded?
    • Where to be when logging in for first time after reset
    If you're in the middle of nowhere in the wild when reset happens, you'll be out in the middle of nowhere in a completely different wild afterwards. This could be good - now you don't have to walk a ton from spawn to get far away. However, you don't know where you'll land - or not land, if you're in the middle of a huge ocean.
    • Plan for rebuilding
    Where do you want to go? How do you want to get there? What improvements can you make?
  2. There are people on utopia who will give you free access to chests to store your stuff. So you could put stuff into your vault, log off, log onto utopia, empty the vault into a chest, log off, log on to smpX, etc. (Anyone can log on to utopia town, only getting a res and the wild/nether are restricted.)
  3. A method I plan on using is to load up my vault, then log off and log into a different empire server, where i have the ability to store a few chests, empty vault there, then log back in to first server and repeat process until I have moved all items. This way I can stay at my current position in the wild, and still have all my items safe.
    After reset I then plan to do the reverse process and I will be ready to start a fresh in a new world.

    When the reset is due to occur, I plan to build a tall platform to stand on, that way when I log on after reset I will just fall onto the ground/water, and not be stuck in any caves or anywhere dangerous. This won't work on all servers however, only utopia as there is no fall damage so a fall of 50 blocks won't kill me. On smp servers the process would be similar, but I would make sure I have an empty inventory, and I won't build a platform to stand on. That way the server will automatically move me to a height level is considers safe, but if I happen to die I won't lose everything, only my position in the wilderness.
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  4. I'm with you, except for the empty inventory--I will be carrying a boat and a stack of dirt and a stone pickaxe. I don't mind losing any of those things and they could get me out of some hairy situations.
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