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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by TreeHugger25, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. I know sounds crazy, but think about it:

    Currently the frontier maps are made with the old algoritm to generate word (pre 1.7) meaning that maps have less biomes and huge oceans. If u reset frontier and use the new algoritm there will be more places to build stuff and... permanent ocean monuments farms!!

    Anyway, is just my opinion, I'm aware that there is a lot of people that will complaint for losing their stuff, but i believe that 4 years is more that enoug time to enjoy your creations.

    Thank you for reading my nonsense and sorry for bad english, I´m not a native speaker.
  2. The frontier will not be reset because people have built structures, mob grinders, and much more there. It would be rude to destroy their builds.
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  3. Will not happen. Ever.
  4. Hrmm .. spend 3 months perfecting my farm, then have it wiped out? I'm in :p A big -1000 on this one :D
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  5. If you want 1.8 explore new chunks...
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  7. I din't knew about that, tell me more...
  8. All undiscovered areas are 1.8 chunks. And so on for future updates.
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  9. We can built a new one together!! with blackjack and ... stuff.
  10. This has been suggest and debated many times. The frontier will not be reset.
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  11. It will be nice that they could stablish an spawn protected area near this new chunks in that case.
  12. To find 1.8 blocks in the frontier, run out to areas that are all black on live map. To find ocean monuments in the frontier, just follow me around :p

    To get out there easier, run through nether for a bit. Do the calc of how far to go in the nether (erm, I let Kat do that part for me lol). Make a nether portal. Boom! You're there :)
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  13. Ocean Momuments where changed by Aikar I believe. He made it so they can spawn in ALL areas regardless of discovery or not.
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  14. Okay guys, I see the point in no reseting those maps. I guess I didn't thought this carefully. I will give it a try and enjoy frontier as it is.

    You can close or erase the tread.
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