/res tpsign help

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  1. Ok so this is kind of hard to explain. My teleport spawn is for instance facing north, the place where i want to teleport to however is facing South. When i step on a pressure plate it just sends me the exact same way you are facing when you step on the pressure plate. How do I control what way I face when I teleport after stepping on the pressure plate?
  2. Impossible :( The F coord wont fit on the TELEPORT sign :(
  3. dangit..
  4. try retyping it the oppsite directionXD
  5. try to face the direction and how u want to face when u do /res tpsign
    then do the rest of the jimmy jammer
  6. It will face you in the direction that you were facing when you walked on the teleporter. :/
  7. You retain your facing when you walk onto a pressure pad. Make it so the player falls onto the pad, then they will face the desired way. I also think jumping up onto the pad works too.
  8. ^ :O time to reset all my teleports to have you fall on em