Res tp randomly changing?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by nerone94, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. So on my res in smp4, I have an underground shop. I set my tp at the beginning of the shop so players spawn in front of a sign. I have an area to the left that has ladders to go down that extend into a room the entire size of my res.

    I have personal things down there, among a few my cats, who people have repeatedly egged to try to kill, or just annoy me by making them get up and tele. Regardless, this private room is below the real spawn for my res. I come back to my res every once in a while to find the spawn has switched from the above floor to th bottom floor, where my cats are. This has happened several times for no reason. Any ideas how to fix it/stop it?
  2. Not sure, I could look into it. It does move your tp location if it thinks the position you set it at is inside a block (too close to a sign would make it think the spot was not safe to TP to). And then it searches for a new point (starting from level 0, going up until it finds one).
  3. I will try to move it further away from th sign and see if that doesnt fix it.
  4. This happens to me as well, and it is also annoying how the spawn tends to turn to one direction which causes it to face a wall and confuse people who visit my plot
  5. i've been having issues with cats randomly getting up for no reason....
  6. I hate that :/
  7. My residence on 6004 almost allways tps you underground or looking at the spawn which confused people alot. They think "oh he's taking me to the spawn?"