/res set -stupid-squid true

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  1. ...please :)
  2. i have of course messed that up completely.

    I meant /res set squid false or something... whatever... you know what i mean!

    carry on!

    the minus at the front was meant to mean not.. or something.. it worked in my head.
  3. Lol, would you like me to remove this thread and you can start again? :D
  4. I dont think it matters :D

    If I loose the landscaping comp I shall blame it on the silly squid!
  5. They won't leave your water alone?
  6. Theyre spawning in my new waterfall and flying across the room... its almost cool.
  7. I wish there was a way to stop them from despawning.I <3 squids.
  8. i suggest starting a thread called /res set -dont-despawn-silly-squids false
  9. Congratulations, you made me burst out laughing in the middle of a class discussion. I just couldn't help picturing derp squid flying across the map, tentacles flailing.
  10. 2012-02-09_14.12.24.png

    not the best one but there is proof of flying squid
  11. 2012-02-09_14.14.39.png

    he landed! (and then performed alien experiments on me... dont ask)
  12. Just... LOOOOOL I have never seen this before! You deserver a hug by a creeper! :)
  13. 2012-02-09_15.30.58.png

    skilled_creeper giving one a kick
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  14. Lol I spam click the screenshot button when I see one xD
  15. All of these squid-related images make me laugh in excess.

    Please stop. :(
  16. Ill stop in 18 17 pictures time ;)
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  17. What texture pack is that? look nice
  18. Docm77's old faithfull texture pack - its pretty much just a HD texture based on the default with clearer glass. Suits me just fine!