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  1. Hi everyone, Richard4861 here
    Yesterday I was awarded with the veteran achievement, as I have now been on empire for 2 years :)
    However when I logged in I typed /home due to being in the wastelands spawn area, it did not work. I decided to /town, then /v 18232, my res. However when I arrived I saw it was empty and in chat it said that this res was unclaimed. Now as I was planning to move my res fortunately there was not a huge amount of property on there, however there were some important things and they had a fair value. I was under the impression that your res did not become available to other players until at least 30 days had passed. I may have been away for 30 days, I'm not certain, due to being on holiday, but as there are plenty of empty residences I did not expect it to be claimed. What I find more surprising however is that the res is unowned, so it doesn't appear as though a player has simply claimed it. I can't really expect my stuff back so I'm not asking for it, I'm just asking anyone to explain how this has happened and any
    advice for the future.
    Thanks for your time reading this ^
    Richard4861 (SMP 9)
  2. You probably went derelict (you were off for 30 days). Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do.
  3. Ah ok thanks for the quick reply.
    Was I wrong when I thought that a res would only become empty if derelict and then claimed by another player?
  4. Players can forceclaim a res, however, SYSTEM will go in and unclaim derelict residences every now and then to make more room for new players.

    With a recent update, newer players' residences will get reset first, but unfortunately it appears your res got reset before the update.

    You can always PM Maxarias and Krysyyjane9191 if you think you may go derelict and they will grant you derelict protection.
  5. Yea.. This same thing happened to my alt Balisticboy105 :(