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  1. Hello,
    When do residents get reset after a player has been off 10+ days? I would like to claim my neighbors space (on smp8) but don't know how long i have to wait. He has nothing on it and and when i do /p (his name) it says he first started on the server 11 days ago and last logged in 11 days ago. So im just wondering if I need a mod/admin to help me or if it will reset after a few days.

    Pre Thanks for all replys,
  2. Because mods don't really unclaim res's anymore. I asked em about one on SMP6 a month ago, and its still there.
  3. After 10 days of absence a players name/lot are added to the derelict list. When a server needs to reclaim some spare lots, it starts removing lots from the list, beginning with the longest derelict first.
    This is why there can be many lots over 10 days and not unclaimed, as they are not needed yet.

    If you have your eye on a lot which is over 10 days derelict, let us know and we can arrange to have it unclaimed for you, and you can reclaim it straight away. :)

    Bear in mind that we usually suspend this process during minecraft/server updates.
  4. thanks for the replys, Shaunwhite1982 are you able to unlaim it for me? (smp8 res number 16134) Or do i need to wait for a mod/admin to log onto my server?
  5. Its to late in my case I guess. I moved servers because nobody unclaimed that lot.
  6. It may have been in the process of an update to new MC version, or extenuating circumstances on the lot in question. Next time you may need one, let me know. :)