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    I suppose you could call this a new feature. But it's not new, it's very old - but we've only just got the ability to use it. Well, either that or I've been using the wrong commands for all these years. I introduce to you... Residence Permission Lists.

    What are they and can I eat them?
    No, you can't eat them. Essentially, lists are ways of storing permissions for a rainy day. For example, say you have your usual permission setup, and need some people to dig out your res. You can't be bothered to list down who normally has permissions - res perm lists prevent this.

    They're basically a list of perms, just like you'd see on /res info. The only difference is, you can switch between them and they work across multiple reses on the same server (if you want them to).

    And no, you still can't eat them.

    Sounds good. But how on earth do they work?
    Good question. Well, they're a little bit harder to use than just /res set - but they're not that hard to manage. Firstly, you need to make a list (although you can have as many as you'd like, and you can only see/use your own). It's easy to do this, just use the command /res lists create [listname]. For example, I could use /res lists create AikarRuinsTheEconomy. Name's can't have spaces in.

    Then you need to add perms to a list. It's pretty similar to do this than the usual res commands, here's how:

    Global Permissions: /res lists set [listname] [flag] [t/f/r]
    Eg: /res lists set Tutorial use t
    Personal Permissions: /res lists pset [listname] [playername] [flag] [t/f/r]
    Eg: /res lists pset Tutorial IcecreamPig build f

    You can see a list's permissions by using the command /res lists view [listname]

    Then, once the list is created you can apply it to a res by using the command /res lists apply [listname] [res] - you can only apply lists to reses you own, on your current server. Updating a list does not update the perms on a residence - you have to re-apply the list to the res if you edit it.

    Okay... but when would I ever use this?
    • Having the same permissions on multiple reses on the same server
    • Being able to quickly switch between groups of permissions
      - For workers and people doing jobs on your res
      - For events
    • [insert other reason here]
    • Because it has extra comammands
    Enjoy Empire! :) Oh, and if something doesn't work then blame Aikar Justin.
    This was never officially released, so bugs may be present. Oh, and please don't actually blame Aikar/Justin - they probably never intended this to be released - but it was >: ) . Found by Digging (TM)
  2. Nice list...
  3. This is a feature of the residence plugin we use, but note however we have modified our version extensively, even deleted some parts of the code.

    It is not guaranteed this functionality will work as some of its code could be gone, and if it causes issues it will be removed.

    but if it doesnt, feel free to use it but its not supported.
  4. Tested and it works a treat. There's one really minor formatting error on /res lists view - but all in all, I can't see any visible problems with it.
  5. I'll try this out when I get out of school. Could be useful.
  6. Yey. I knew this :p
  7. Only because I told you before I posted it. :p
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