Res Partial Flags - A Solution for Griefing

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  1. So I had an idea, why not introduce "partial" residence flags to the residence plugin used in Empire Minecraft.
    Here is how it would work,
    1. The player would get a "wand" or use commands to mark out a "partial" region in the players residence.
    2. Next the player would define this region using a command (Ex: /res regionadd [RegionName] )
    3. After defining the region the player would give "flags" to this region, as can currently be done for the entire residence. (Ex: /res regionflag [RegionName] [Flag] [Player] )
    4. I would also include the use of a command for viewing the region. (Ex: /res regionview [RegionName] as can be done with the MobArena plugin, it would make a square of a certain block maybe glowstone and map out the region.

    Tell me what you guys think, I personally think this would reduce the amount of griefing in EMC and give a new add-on for jobs, plots, etc.

    Because people brought it up, there would be a limit to how many regions could be made.
  2. awsome;)
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  3. This would use too much date and space on the servers and would make it lagged out if somone made a ton of these kept delteing and adding..
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  4. There are more threads about this, the search bar is always your best friend, and the answer is still no, it would cause too many lag.
  5. what is thare was a time lemet?
  6. This is currently impossible, although Justin has the ability to set up small areas like this. I am sure they take note of your input, but there is no easy way to do it right now.

    This quote more or less says that Aikar is working on something that will allow for some more protection in the wild. but it is still a work in progress.
  7. Firstly, This would cause 0 lag, No more then the current system anyways. Secondly, It's easily possible. Justin already had the coding in place to protect a 60x60x256
  8. I've ha something like that in mind before but yeah, it would be pretty much awesome.
  9. Actually, this feature already exists in Residence, however Justin disabled it/deleted it for now until he can find a good way to let players use it, as the base method is a bit technical.

    The post ICC did was about the wild, this OP is about town.

    I agree that this would be very nice, but there was also another suggestion before about using signs to allow build rights to squares and such... so maybe we can go that route... but i've already got SOOOO much on my plate so I def wouldnt be tackling this, so would have to be Justin..
  10. I'm pretty sure it could work similar to how world edit works.
  11. Yes, which if you don't have WorldEditCUI Installed, sucks ALOT.

    If you can see your selection like you can with WorldEditCUI, its absolutely great... but trying to get players to make selections and they cant SEE Whats selected? We will have sooooo many "OMG I didn't mean to give build to that part of my house, he griefed me!!!!"
  12. How about we can make Residence sub zones and then we give flags to the sub zones.
  13. That is an awesome idea.
    It would really help with my game, if mine carts obey flags.
  14. That's whats been asked for, and thats what I just said was disabled.
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