Res needed but only one

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  1. I am looking to *buy* a res on any smp 1-7 except for 3 i will pay 500-1000r post if interested
  2. I'm not sure if this is allowed, a moderator told me once it wasn't allowed. That was like my SMP2 days :p
  3. Sorry it is against the rules to buy and sell residences at this time. The main reason being that technically the other person would still be the owner, and say they quit playing or get banned your res would be reset!
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  4. You should make some way to buy residences with real money! It could get more money to pay for the server
  5. We do it is Gold (2) and Diamond (4) supporter levels :)
  6. >:O Why can't Gold get 3 residences :p
  7. Cos then I'd go gold.
  8. But then Diamond has 4 residences :p
  9. I
    dont want to have to pay monthly though id rather have it done
  10. Don't you already pay $5 a month for Iron?

    I don't understand why so many come in and expect to buy a residence and "rent" it to people when there are empty lots or expect people to sell them their lot.
  11. Meh, it's a bonus but not necessary :)
    And then people with lots of money would buy up the whole Empire. This has been discussed so many times...
  12. Well yes but that is for rupees