[Res] My Res For Rent

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  1. I cant so anyone who posts will be ignored unless you PM me
  2. I'm pretty sure that selling flags (which is technically what you're doing) isn't allowed. Not sure where I heard this, but I seem to remember a mod saying so. Sorry :/

    Basically it's because you could easily scam someone using such methods, or things out of the sellers control could happen and render the buy's access to the res unavailable - eg: the seller going derelict.
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  3. Im not selling them im renting them ;)
  4. In the context I'm using, you're selling. Selling = providing rupees (or items) in exchange for something else. This sale is 1000r for 1 month of flags.
  5. Yeah but can we not get into a fight about this? I like you :p and GO ON SKYPE :p
  6. I didn't see it as a fight, and I don't think it was tbh - just a misunderstanding. :)
  7. Yeah i just get annoyed fast ;)
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  8. 100r a week?
    Why can't people just get their own res?
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  9. Its for regular members who have 1 but want another also iron members and its 1k = 1000r
  10. Quote from icecreamcow on another thread:

    "What I'm personally not okay with is selling "permission" ownership to a res. If he were to say, take rupees from someone and JUST give them build/container/use etc. flags, that could lead to issues. If he takes rupees for it, then UNCLAIMS it so the buyer can claim it as their own, that's okay."
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  11. Huh? So I cant do this?

    If I cant then I wont :(
  12. I don't think that's allowed. I think Jack mainly covered it all :)
  13. Icecreamcow's quote is a little cryptic. :p
    Basically what he means is that if you were to sell your res location to someone else, that would be acceptable.
    But the rental of perms to a res isn't really allowed as it puts the parties involved in a risky position.

    On one hand, the landowner could remove the perms at any time and claim ownership of the res, or even reset it or unclaim it. The renting player doesnt really have any power over these actions, and could easily lose everything if the landowner is banned or leaves EMC.

    On the other hand, the renting player could build duplication devices or inappropriate structures, which would incur a punishment upon the landowner as they are ultimately responsible for anything amiss on their claimed land.

    These are the reasons why we prefer if lots aren't rented between players, it is so much simpler, safer and secure. :)
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  14. So You Can't rent your alt your res?
    (Used To Be My Alt. Now My Friend-Still Don't know who uses it)
  15. Why would you want to rent a res to yourself, and not just give yourself free permissions?
    That's like moving your wallet from your right pocket to your left pocket.. It doesn't make much sense.
  16. What we are saying is that you cannot accept payment in exchange for all flags on a residence such as build, container, etc.

    Feel free to let your alt (now friend) maintain flags on your property (if you trust them enough). Without the exchange of rupees (or something similar), you are just letting a friend have flags. This thread is about renting a residence out for rupees/items of value as it is not possible to truly "hand over" ownership of a residence because the original owner will still maintain control of all flags.