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  1. i was on smp1 last night and got on some residences that said "welcome DogsRNice" is there a way to do that or is this some super admin power?
  2. I have been seeing the same thing but im to lazy to investigate
  3. Custom Messages

    Whenever someone enters a residence a message pops up in chat saying "Welcome to Bob's Residence" and when you're leaving "Leaving Bob's Residence". Gold and Diamond supporters can customize these messages to say whatever they want.

    /res message enter "message" Customize the enter message for your res
    /res message leave "message" Customize the exit message for your res
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  4. It's a supporter perk. I pm'd you on how to do it :)
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  5. I am not sure about the entering the player's name though. I havent found that one out yet...
  6. Can you pm me on how to do it please?
  7. I think its something like (playername)
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  8. I'll investigate in game real quick...
  9. done :)
  10. its %player :cool:
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  11. It's %playername I believe. I can't remember exactly, though.
    You leave playername in there; don't substitute it with an actual player's name. :p

    EDIT: Okay so I was half right. krysyyjane9191 got it right. xD
  12. Nope, I would share, but it is an EMC secret. Muhahahahaha!
  13. Hush you guys! :p
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  14. Sorry pig, but it's %player.
    I used it on 1134, if anyone wants to see the results.
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  15. Ok. All of the debate ends NOW. If I want my res to say..... Welcome, PenguinDJ, to 2020, then I would type:
    /res message enter Welcome, %player, to 2020