/res message broken???

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by technologygeek, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. when i try to do /res message, (supporter command) it says sommin about an internal error. help!
  2. I'll have a look into through 5weety's account. I'll let you know if I find anything ;)
  3. Also perhaps you should have posted this in the supporter discussion forum ;) Because this only concerns supporters...
  4. Normally when this happens...
    Blame Aikar!
  5. oops i thot it was in supporter fail
  6. lol yeah it doesn't really matter though...
  7. Or Justin...
  8. Why cant you keep you're post's in 1? 'Edit' is there for a reason. You post 1 then post again 1 minute afterwards.

    And Aikar is the dev of EMC so he would had done something to break the command
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  9. Because I can :p but for your sake I won't this time ;)
    Yes I understand Aikar is the developer of EMC... However JustinGuy coded EMC originally and owns the servers with IcecreamCow, Justin is responsible however you look at it...
  10. But JustinGuy, has been absent from EMC for real life, which is understandable. So Aikar became the 'official' EMC dev, and he is now coding EMC, so Aikar is responsible
  11. Actually, it was Justin who modified our version of Residence, not Aikar. But even then, res messages aren't exclusive to EmpireResidence, they're in the default version. Therefore, I blame bekvon, nate302 and TOOTHPlCK1.
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  12. Yes but even if JustinGuy never did anything for EMC, he is still responsible like IcecreamCow for the things that go wrong.
  13. Good points ;)
  14. yes there is an error on that command, but its not broken, you just didnt use it correctly and the bug is that its not handling improper usage correctly.

    use /res message enter/leave foo

    I believe I wrote the bug on this last night so itll be fixed eventually but its not a high priority.
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  15. Again. Just use 'Edit'

    And your correct, JustinGuy is responsible. But its easier to blame Aikar :)
  16. Again I don't need too, and I was replying too two different people; don't you think they deserve their own reply and not have to share it? :)
  17. Don't really see how it's worth it, is it that irritating to see two posts in a row by the same person?