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  1. I'm currently creating a res which will have lots of corridors to go down to get to places. My question is: what should they be made of? I've included a picture of them with stone brick, but I feel that's overdone and could get repetitive. Just remember, I'm a person who needs to actually get these materials, too :p
  2. Sponge!
    nah, just kidding :p
    Stone brick can't always look bad, perhaps offset it with some smooth stone on the floors so it's not stone brick everywhere?
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  3. I say stone brick is good but throw in a redstone lap or an abstract block here or there.
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  4. Along the same lines as Rainbow's suggestion, try a pattern that uses another brick in the walls. Mossy Stone Brick and Cobblestone can look pretty nice mixed in a pattern with Stone Brick.

    You could use different patterns or different decoration bricks in different areas so you know where you are. This is done in a lot of real life buildings.
  5. Iron blocks mixed with something else? Iron is pretty cheap.
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  6. Advice taken, and I like it. Thoughts? 2013-10-24_21.46.38.png

    (as a note, whatever I do for the floor will likely be repeated for the ceiling as these will be stacked)
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  7. Wow, looks great!
    I was going to suggest sandstone, because I like sandstone, but that's a really neat look.
  8. Note… moss bricks and cracked bricks can only be found in strongholds… which no longer exist because they have been mined out… it will not be cheap.
  9. I overdid it there because I was in creative, I'll be much more subtle with it. And going with the idea of different materials for different areas, sandstone may come up as a certain part.
  10. Don't forget the Waste Strongholds.
  11. Yeah, if you go to the strongholds on smp3 or somewhere else that was fairly unpopulated since the last waste reset, there's a fair amount of cracked and mossy brick.
    I only say smp3 from experience, no offense intended.
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  12. Tried it with sandstone, about to come up with a stained clay variant. 2013-10-24_22.04.56.png
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  13. Stained clay wasn't the best, but I came up with something with wood. 2013-10-25_20.30.17.png
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  14. Looks good!
    With the new wood, you may want to change the floor tiling, make it a bit different.
  15. Not sure if I like this one or not, really. 2013-10-25_20.52.24.png
  16. Once 1.7 is on Empire, I will.
  17. Maybe you want to keep a specific style or similar materials in different regions or floors of the res. I guess, that'll help navigating through it, at least in the beginning.
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  18. Sandstone Nether brick should look good.
  19. use some textural changes? make the corridors slightly wider and higher and experiment with stair and half blocks? it makes any journey more enjoyable as the roof isnt right in view
  20. The corridors are that height for a reason. I don't have infinite space to mess with, so I need it kinda compact. The floor uses half blocks, and there's no space for stairs. This is a corridor, and I'm making it mildly interesting, not super-duper fancy.
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