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  1. just a random idea: some sort of command to "like" a res which could then be turned into a nice list on the website somewhere.
  2. make a vote thingy and ill vote yes :)
  3. how about just clicking the like button? ;D
  4. /post like
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  5. with the /res like we could do where the player could get a like vote from a player and the player that got the like could get like 50r?
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  6. like, that sounds pretty... like... good. like yea?

  7. yes. :) so people know that others like their creations/work. This could be abused in a way though so we would need to check with JustinGuy on this idea.
  8. Sounds like a good idea (-:
  9. haha, some one out for trophy points? baah, nevermind. :p
  10. oooohh, know i see, **********!!! you have the most epic lot i have ever seen, wow!
  11. This is a pretty awesome idea, I will look into it, nice job! At first thought the only drawback I can see is people begging in chat for likes lol.
  12. Can you not set it up so it's a once every 24 hour thing, similar to the votes we cast for EMC?
  13. i hadnt considered the chat aspect... id only considered every residence having a "please like me" sign ;D
  14. I don't think you should be able to vote for someone again or it will just become people going around everyday to like everyone so that they all get rupees without really doing much. But this would reward peoples builds that are expensive and don't provide any income
  15. After thinking about it I dont think rupees should come into it at all. It should just be a nice little thing to say that you like their res and we show the top list on the website.
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  16. It will be a reward for those who have worked on thir lot though I m sure it will help inspire people to think of epic ideas on why I build and make empireminecraft residents look even more awesome.
  17. We are always looking for fair ways to 'rank' players, like a leaderboard, this could potentially be one of them. There could be a weekly or monthly leaderboard with most liked house of the week getting a 250r bonus, then weekly votes being reset for the next week. Maybe the most liked lot of the month could be added to an 'All time greatest lots' list, and have their name remain in the list for all time.

    Edit: the lists (weekly and monthly) could be viewed online and players could visit the liked houses.
    Almost like a small 'best res' competition automatically held each week.
  18. Do you like this idea?
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  19. Of course, but that will follow with anything. People already beg for rupees, and so on...
  20. I think one should only be able to vote once, forever.