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  1. there's a few residences around mine that have never been touched and the person probably never logged on for more than 3 mins how and when will i be able to claim them
  2. I would suggest starting a conversation with either Bigdavie or Maxarias.
  3. in 10 days they will be unclaimed and when you walk on to them they will say how to claim them
  4. They will not automatically be reset because it causes too much lag.
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  5. You need to check how long it has been since the res owners were ├▒ast seen, and if it has been more thatn 11 days, PM a moderator ingame or via forums, i think that's the process.
  6. Do /res info to see the owner of the res then do /p [res owner name] to see when they were last signed in. If they are a non supporter that hasn't be on for 10 or more days then you should contact a senior staff member/admin here saying you want to claim these residences. If they are a supporter then you can't claim the residences. Hope this helped :)
  7. i think they all got reset to a day cause of the update
  8. That wouldn't happen, they must have logged in since then.