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  1. So for the past 3 days or so i have been working on my second res #10057 Smp5. I have made a basic outline and was wondering what i should put there. Leave suggestions and please no... FREE BUILD or put a store I mean something creative. Ex a skyscraper
  2. A Skyscraper :p nahg do a replica of the Empire State Building out of sandstone :)
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  3. How about a replica of the 9/11 Memorial in NYC? Like the Freedom Tower and the Memorial fountain, or one of either... Also, if you did this, it would be really cool if you put signs around the fountain with the same names around the actual fountain, i know it would be hard, but i think it would turn out really good.
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  4. You just made me cry :[
  5. I know it's a touchy topic, but i feel it would be honoring them even more if someone made the memorial in MC.
  6. Yeah but a family relative was... yeah anyway back to happy land :D
  7. :)
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  8. I think Squizzel_Boy is right! It may be a touchy topic, but its an honorable idea!
  9. hopefully your plot is near mine, so we can see each others buildings from the top. (oh and trying to make a fast AND stylish way up to the top isnt easy. my elevator is touchy) 10276
  10. Hmm... maybe we can grab the whole neighborhood and make downtown NYC complete with Rockefeller, 9/11 memorial, and Empire State Building?
  11. Secret that's a great idea! :)
  12. Thanks for the suggestions guys i am going to make a 9/11 memorial all who want to donate rupees, smooth stone, or signs i will be setting up a chest to sell Thanks guys and I look forward
    to getting this completed
  13. Please if you donate leave a post so i know to credit you all donations big and small are welcome
  14. I will be donating once I have the rupees. :D
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