Res full of chickens with so many i lag out?!?!?!

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  1. Well i just went to my best friend greenguinea's res and i found there was LOADS of chickens in every spot?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i lagged out trying to eggify them i need help!!!!!!!!
  2. Contact a mod.
  3. Ok theres so many i lag to death
  4. Contact one on the forums.
  5. Animal population has been reduced, should be lag free now. :)
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  6. lol seems like this has been happening a lot
  7. Yup i have been egged 5 times in the last 3 weeks only minor ones that was massave
  8. Yeah it does, hopefully we will develop a surefire way to prevent this in the future. :)
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  9. so do go around killing the animals or is there some sort of command?
  10. perhaps you could make a limit on the number of mobs allowed on the residence
  11. Sometimes eggify, sometimes kill, depends on the situation and the amount of animals.
    Either way we always place a chest at the residence with the eggs/drops from the animals removed.
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  12. Shaun, has Justin thought about something like a mob cap for each res (Not that you know what Justin is thinking)? That'd prevent this and the villager problems we were dealing with a few months ago.
  13. Not to my knowledge, but i dont know what goes on inside that hi-tech head of his. :p
    I do know the egg throwing issue is definitely being looked into. Maybe something like disabling of chicken eggs from hatching could be implemented (spawn eggs would still work normally of course).
    It just all takes time, and there are some huge changes coming with 1.3, which requires a massive rewrite of server code and plugins. Which is why it has all been a bit quiet as far as updates and new features to EMC. :)