Res Digging Service.

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  1. I will dig out your res completely. It costs 149 Diamond shovels and 10k. I will get it done as soon as I can. This depends on stuff I have to do outside of Minecraft. I will only take one job at a time. I will only dig from layer 62 to layer 1.
  2. Do you mean you want me to lower the price because it is partially dug out?
  3. You can thank me for digging some out later :p
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  4. I will gladly buy this service.

    Please pm me with details
  5. I can do 9k.
  6. You buy tools 9k. My service says it costs 149 diamond shovels. However since your res is already partially dug out
    I will give you back what I don't use.
  7. Waiting for pm cow :p
  8. Buy 5 shovels at a time so you don't waste any Or buy it in diamonds and make shovels as I need them.
  9. In-game?
  10. Forum pm, with details and stuff
  11. Ok.
  12. Minner does this mean I shouldn't PM you? And the first reason why I didn't right away is because I don't know how:(
  13. Click my Name, "Start a conversation"

    Yes pm me