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  1. I think it would be helpful if when in /c r the res owner/admins text color was different from anyone else using the channel.

    A few examples of when I think it would be most helpful:

    Hosting an event: When running an event, its useful to have the host's text separated by color in the chat.
    Supervising workers/builders: Sometimes players just don't know who's to be listening to.
    Running a shop/service: If your shopkeepers/casino dealers, ect could inform visitors and give instructions 'above' any town/local/res chatter

    I know there are upcoming changes to chat color in the works, but this is a little different idea from that, perhaps there could be one color set aside for this use? (as Im sure pink/green will be). Also I'm not very 'chatty', there may be a simple way to accomplish this already in game. If there is, please inform. Thank you.
  2. +1 Simple and extremely useful. Expanding on this though:

    - Obviously, could be toggled on/off
    - Maybe one color for free members, choice of 3 for iron, 5 for gold, and all for diamond?
    - A player setting for people who aren't hosting
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  3. yes, Thank you! I'm glad you added this-I can't believe I didn't include it :rolleyes:
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  4. Well, actually admins already have the power to do that... So...
  5. What do you mean by this? I know that staff can change their own colors, but do they ever extend this to regular members for events?

    Also, I still do think it would be cool if we could control the function on our own residences.

    Edit: I see the confusion maybe, I mean players with admin perms per residence, not server admins.
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  6. She is talking about residence owners or admins. Residence admins basically act as a secondary owner with all commands, they are not a part of staff and do not have their command options
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