Res' being griefed by lava/flint-n-steel

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  1. Me and my friend titainthunder have noticed something. Ever since April fools day, there have been mysterious griefings happening in the res'. Although this sounds like a classic case of, "the person who volunteers to do something and griefs the res *insert troll face*" this is not the case. There have been by my count, many res' being mysteriously griefed, by unknown causes, when these people gave access to no one. My friend titianthunder had a res made out of wool, and when he came to his res today, he did not expect his res to be burnt down when he came on today. He had had no open flames, no lava anywhere, no access to anybody, and his res had spontaniously combusted. I think this should be looked into, for I wouldn't want anybodies res, much less my own, to be flint-n-steel/lava griefed by this mysterious masked steve.
  2. have you messaged Justin about this? he's a great help, and i love love your choice of words like... spontaneously combusted ! :)

    i hope you get this sorted out, i haven't had any issues.
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  3. The was a April fools joke by Justin and the mods
  4. she said ever since that day things have been happening, it wasn't just on that day...
  5. Maybe it was the spy kitty! :D No, your best bet is to PM Justin. Gotta get to the bottom of this. :eek:
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  6. well, the thing is, I just found this out about 20 minutes ago, my friends res being griefed. I decided to talk about the others being griefed too, because it's seems they're related.
  7. i know how i think you will have to pm me for my detective agency
  8. post this on the emcda thread and i will handle for free
  9. wat
  10. alright i need all your res detailes res# who has flags which server stuff like that