Res 6004 on SMP3 FINALLY OPEN!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by TechFilmer, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. The Return!

    So as I have been gone for over a year due to school and other activities I thought it would be fitting to come back today and finish what I started. My museum on res 6004 on SMP3 is finally done with all my promos hung up for display and staff heads hung up on the second level. If you would like to stop by and give it a look it would be much appreciated.

    PS: If you see a promo I am missing and are interested in selling just shoot me a message in my inbox! Otherwise, it's good to be back! :)
  2. Ah, most excellent. Welcome back!

    I recall coming across your museum in my wanderings and thought you must be gone for good,very glad to see you are back to continue. I was aware of your head collection due to a discussion at one point regarding how many shaunwhite heads were out there. I have a head display on smp6, and would be interested in seeing if you have any spares to trade/sell. Also have several spare promos depending on what your needs are.
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  3. Welcome back TechFilmer, I love your museum/promo collection! :D
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  4. WHOA, I haven't seen you in ages!