Requested: Empire Minecraft Wallpaper

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  1. Hey guy and girls again! I have another Empire Minecraft wallpaper request by: MisterScizzo! I will also update the photo if any new staff joins!

    Thanks for the request if anyone else has a wallpaper idea let me know and I just might make it! Here is the link to download the wallpaper
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  2. Also should I make and iphone wallpaper out of this?
  3. Really no comments?!?!?
  4. You realise none of us are human? We're just creations JustinGuy has coded.
  5. Lol so are you saying you want me to change it to "The human and codes who run empire minecraft?"
  6. Here is d1223m's requested photo:
    If enough people tell me they want it I will release it for download.
    empireminecraftstaff copy.png
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  7. I saw aikar, just like excluded from the others xD
    BTW: right click over image > save as > apply as wallpaper. :p
  8. Yah he didn't fit above.... Hopefully more people will be joining him soon xD
  9. Just a correction for you to apply: persons.png The rest are just codes.
  10. d1223m Said "You realise none of us are human? We're just creations JustinGuy has coded."
  11. :p
  12. Yes but you were GameKripJEREMY Wasn't a code ;)
  13. Ow lol, i just added the admins, just because they are, u know, the admins :p
  14. Ahhh I see...
  15. Here's another:
  16. do one showing as many acheivment signitures as you can find along with a fiiting title such as 'home of the awards' or something like that
  17. Thats some cool stuff.I like cool wallpapers and I haven't changed mine since Christmas...I probably should. :)
  18. Lol feel free to use mine ;)