[Request] Temporary residence for organisign a redstone challange

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  1. Hello,

    First of all, I'm not sure in which board I should have posted this. If it's not in the correct place, please move it :)

    So, I would like to organize a redstone challenge. People will have to build certain creations with a limited amount of redstone items. The first person who creates the correctly working circuit, wins!

    That's kind of the basic idea around it. However, I'll be putting a lot of time in inventing some nice ideas for things that the participants will need to create. This is the first time I'm organizing such an event, so I'm having a little problem now.

    I'm a regular emc player so I have only one residence.
    I can't hold the challenge at my residence because there is simply no more room left to keep a challenge.

    Would there be anyone out here (like a diamond user) who has a spare residence that I can temporarily use? (preferably on SMP8)
    The person who can lend me this residence will also have to be online at the time of the event, since he needs to give build and use permissions to the participants.

    The residence will have to be completely empty, since people will have build rights. I don't want anything to be destroyed :)

    Hope there is someone who can help me ;)

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  2. This is a great idea! :D Sounds like loads of fun.

    Okay, I have a res from one of my alt accounts that you could use but it's on SMP7, and I'm not too sure if I can get on at the specified time, especially if you're from America. :)
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  3. I'm from Europe, and .. hey I'm like always saying Hi when you join and you never answer D:
    Then I saw your chat is disabled :eek:

    and maybe smp7 is good aswell; I'll need a lot of luck to find someone with a residence on smp8 I think, so I can better take what is offered :p
    but I'll wait to see if there is more people with empty residences. Thanks already :D
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  4. i got an unused rededence il claim one on smp8 4 u btw in in australia
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  5. Ok, that would be really nice!
    Wow, I didn't expect this many replies :) but don't claim it yet, I'll check first if other people have better suggestions.
    Thanks already :D
  6. its empty as in i havent claimed it.... or i just stripped it
  7. I know who is going to win this :rolleyes:
  8. Cube's probably your best option :)
  9. I'll make him donate first
    :)P joking)

    seems so; but can you turn on chat please in the server? AlexChance2 that's you right?
  10. You might as well give PT the prize now..
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  11. Ok, the event is over; pt has won!
    sadly we have not discussed any prize so your price is 0r PT! congratulations ;)

    just kidding :D
  12. I have a feeling PTheseus is going to win. 0_0
  13. Anyone else who can get me a residence at SMP8 for this?
  14. I can get you one on SMP1 if needed.
  15. Awesome!
    Thread may be closed ;) I have what I was looking for

    Thank you everybody!